Select Academy Team


What Is Select Academy Team?

Select Academy Team is our Riding Academy student's introduction to the joys of showing horses.  Select Academy Team is broken down into two sections: Walk & Trot, and Walk Trot & Canter


Join The Excitement!

To be selected for the Academy Team, you must first be enrolled in our Riding Academy.  Our riding instructors will discuss with the parents when they feel a student is ready to be a part of Select Academy Team.  Each child rides in Academy Tryouts to be selected as a part of Academy Team.  Our Academy Team competes in horse shows in Ohio and surrounding states.  Academy Team is a great goal for our Riding Academy students to strive for!


Our Instructors are always available to answer any questions you have about Academy Team.  Academy Team practices from March through September.  The Team practices twice a week in one private lesson and one team practice.  Being a member of Select Academy Team is not only a great way to show off your riding skills and create life-long friendships, but is an excellent oppportunity to experience what showing is like - and may be a stepping stone to one day owning a show horse!

Select Academy Team 2020 Tryouts

2020 Academy Team Selection will be held Saturday,  February 15th 2020.