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Popular Helmets for Riding Lessons

Cape Cod Equestrian Center has helmets available to borrow when you are first beginning your riding career, but after your first few lessons we do recommend purchasing your own.

Please follow the sizing guidelines for the brand  of helmet you choose.

Helmets should fit snug to the head approximately 1 inch above the eyebrows.  Hair should always be worn in a low ponytail below the base of the helmet for proper fitting.  When checking fit, put on the helmet without the chin strap fastened and shake head  "Yes" and "No" - the helmet should not move.

Riding Boots for lessons and show

The style of riding  boot we suggest for our students are Paddock Boots.   Paddock boots fit just above the ankle .  Correct  Riding Boots are a necessary piece of equipment to allow the rider to learn to maintain proper foot placement on the stirrup, as well as have correct ankle support.  Please be sure if you are purchasing your child boots for riding lessons that they are Paddock Boots - not tall boots!

Please note - the boots labeled Show Boot are also appropriate for riding lessons.

Riding Pants for Riding lessons

The Style of riding pants we suggest our students wear are Kentucky Jodhpurs. Kentucky Jodhpurs have a flared bell bottom and fit over the boot with elastic underpasses that run under the boot to keep the pants from riding up.   The pant should be slightly longer than the heel of the boot.  These pants are traditional in Saddle Seat riding.  Proper riding pants are designed to have grip in the appropriate areas, and seam placement to avoid rubbing.

Riding Gloves for Lesson and Show

Riding Gloves allow for better grip on the reins and help keep fingers from developing blisters from friction.  We suggest all of our students learn to ride with gloves from the very beginning!  

Please Note - regular winter gloves, or knit gloves are not appropriate for riding as they do not have the proper grip.

Consignment Shops, Custom Riding Apparel, and Tack

Saddle Seat Consignment Shops

Custom Riding Apparel


Still not sure what to purchase?  We are happy to help!