Brandi loves to teach beginner lessons, especially with her best friend Ava!  She also helps our Show Team riders improve their strength and balance with lunge lessons.



Ava is one of the first horses our new students ride when they begin riding lessons.  Ava takes smooth, quick steps which helps new riders learn to post at the trot.



Brogan is a Quarter Horse and his favorite job is teaching beginner lessons.  He is the best to practice sitting trot because he has the smoothest trot of all of our lesson horses.  Brogan also is great for lunge lessons!



Lira is a beautiful Arabian mare.  She loves to teach riders how to canter, help our Riding Program and Academy Team students learn to ride with quiet hands, and her very favorite - Tiny Tot Lessons!

Cha Cha


Cha Cha has been teaching riding lessons at Cape Cod for many years.  Cha Cha came to us from Saddlebred Rescue.  Her favorite jobs are teaching riders who are learning to trot independently, and introducing new Academy Team members to their first horse show.



Viper is one of our biggest lesson horses!  He can be a bit of a pickle in his stall, but it's all an act - he is fun to ride!  Our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced riders all enjoy a lesson with Viper!

SBR Info


Info came to us from Saddlebred Rescue and is settling right into his life as a lesson horse.  Info got his name when he was rescued by Saddlebred Rescue because he was wearing an auction tag with the number 411.  We are happy to give Info his forever home!  If you are interested in helping other rescued Saddlebreds like Info find their forever homes, please click the button below to make a donation to Saddlebred Rescue.



Cool is our oldest lesson horse at 27 years young, but don't let his age fool you - he is still full of spunk!  Before Cool taught riding lessons he was a show horse, and has won over 100 blue ribbons!  You can't miss Cool when he is teaching riding lessons because he always has his tongue sticking out!  Cool's favorite lessons are bareback lessons!  Cool is one of the quirkiest horses at Cape Cod, and even has his own hashtag - check him out at #CoolmanSuperstar



Patches is an adorable Paint gelding.  His specialty is teaching Lunge Lessons to riders of all levels.  Patches also loves teaching beginner and intermediate lessons and is the best to help teach our students to use soft hands and to guide with finesse!  You can often find Patches out on a bareback ride with his owner Reagan, who so kindly shares him with our students!



Poncho is a favorite with our students not only because of his gorgeous color, but also because he is  one of the sweetest horses at CCEC.  Poncho is very good at teaching finesse to our advanced riders.



SOS is one of the fanciest lesson horses at Cape Cod.  In the summer, she goes to almost every horse show, whether it is to compete with Academy Team, or to help our Show Team practice.



Sparkles has been teaching lessons at  Cape Cod for almost her entire life.  She loves to compete with our Academy Team, and teach our lesson students what a Show Horse feels like!



Marvin is the "Gentle Giant" of CCEC.  He is a kind soul who is a favorite with our intermediate riders.  Marvin is also gaited, and teaches our students to Slow-Gait and Rack!



Gatsby used to be an amish buggy horse, and is one of our most special lesson horses!  He can be a bit tricky, but teaches our students valuable skills like patience and perseverance!  Once a rider figures out how to do things Gatsby's way, he always becomes a favorite!



Kate has quickly become a favorite with all of the CCEC riders.  From taking new Academy Team members to their first Victory Pass and blue ribbon, to helping our Show Team riders perfect their pattern work - Kate does it all!

  Thank you to Kate's owner, Margo, for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy "Kate the Great"!



Prince is our resident “Frackney” (He is half Friesian, half Hackney) .  He looks just like a Friesian, but little!  



Steve is one of our newest (and biggest!) lesson horses, and he is helping Marvin teach our riders how to Slow Gait and Rack! 



While her owner Maddy is off at College,  Summer is enjoying her life helping to teach our Show Team riders valuable skills,  and Summer is perfecting her pattern work!



Maximus is the cutest little white pony you’ve ever seen!  He is learning the ropes on how to be a lesson pony! 



 What Smarty lacks in size he makes up for in attitude!  Smarty is our only Morgan lesson horse, and our students love riding him because of his show horse trot and smooth canter.  Smarty loves to go to horse shows and compete with our Academy Team! 

Always In Our Hearts

Paper Chase


June 19, 1989 - February 23, 2019



June 27, 1998 - October 12, 2019