Meet Our Lesson Horses

Meet the Horses at Cape Cod Farm and Equestrian Center

Meet the Horses of Cape Cod Equestrian Center. Like people, each horse has his or her own personality. It is our job to match you with the perfect lesson horse or pony to make your equine experience a positive, safe and enjoyable one! 

Ava is a beautiful mare who enjoys kids of all ages and skill levels. She is a barn favorite thanks to her markings!

Brandy is a small bay mare used for beginner, or intermediate lessons. She is patient, and does anything that is asked of her.

 is a quarter horse that teaches many beginner and intermediate riders. He is a very good teacher when it comes to strength and position. 

Cha-Cha was rescued from the American Saddlebred Rescue program and has been a great mare for many beginner and intermediate riders. She does not enjoy cantering, however, is great for walk and trot.

Chase is a very old, yet spunky addition to our lesson program. Even in his mid-twenties, Chase loves to teach kids how to ride and excels in teaching those how to canter. In the more recent times, Chase has been semi-retired and teaches those "lighter" riders only a few days a week. 

Cowboy is an up headed paint gelding, and teaches intermediate riders strength and positioning.

Daisy is our newest addition to the program, giving lessons to beginners with her easy-going canter, and relaxed trot.

Dancer is a small palomino morgan full of spunk. He is great for advanced lunge lessons working on position, and flexibility.

Gatsby is a chesnut saddlebred, used for advanced riding lessons for riders branching out of academy, or already showing.

Lira is a small bay arabian fit for small riders because of her stature. Intermediate riders are able to learn more about position, and balance from her along with picking up canter leads.

Nemo is a world champion walk-trot saddlebred ready to take on the academy ring once again. He teaches beginner and intermediate lessons how to become show ready.

Primo is a challenging chestnut saddlebred, used for intermediate lessons. He will make a rider confident in their seat and legs.

Sammy is a large grey gelding with energy, and is ready to teach advanced lessons along with how to canter effectively.

Sparkles is a very sweet mare who teaches many intermediate riders new skills and has been to many academy shows. 

Tango is a chesnut gelding always ready to do lessons with intermediate riders working on position.

Willow has been such a blessing to our program! She loves her job and is such a sweet horse to her riders. She teaches beginner kids and adults!
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